Sunday, April 26, 2009

another cupcake

Here I am between masses at church, hooked into their wi-fi. Our phone line is down at home! Oh the horror! the horror!! I have to go home to no internet! gasp! LOL Hope the rain stops so we can go outside.

here's another cupcake card I made for our choir director. It was the 1st one I made of the cupcake designs. The card base is from Ikea. The cupcake is one I drew and cut out. The candle is from Michael's. Numbers is cuttlekids die.

That's about it. Looking forward to sewing Neve's dress tomorrow. May even get to it today at nap time. The kids spent the whole day from 9:30-7pm at the sailing club yesterday. Everyone is a little wiped today. We had weather from sunny and fine to raging wind storms where the boats were all blowing over on shore and there were big crashing waves and swirls of water on the lake. Leaves blowing in huge gusts! Quite an event. My husband went out in the motor boat to rescue two sailors that got caught in the storm. Yes, quite the adventure!

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