Wednesday, February 4, 2009

there you are....

I bought this stamp a few years ago for an anniversary card for my DH. i've used it a bit in various circumstances. Especially love using it with children and parents.
Anyhow, the paper is already die cut, 12x12 hearts. Lovely.

Here it is in Stampin' Up! pomegranate..

Look what I tried...

These are self stick felt hearts from the buck store. i love my embroidery floss these days, so I home-ey-ed them up a bit. Can't wait to try more tomorrow and make something from it. Can you see the button additions?!! Stay tuned.

Thanks for looking,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

These are the hearts that I was talking about. My little ones having a hard time with pre-school. I'd like to give her something to keep mommy close to her heart. I'd love to see any other ideas you may have too. Thanks