Saturday, February 14, 2009


Finally have some internet connection. it's been off and on all day.
We went to my father in law's for lunch to celebrate Valentine's. So I whipped up this little notebook to add to my sister in law's gift. The book was already spahkly. It's from Michael's. I just sewed the flowers together and glued it on the front. Added a few pieces of ribbon to the coil. Easy peasy.

After lunch, we took the kids to the outdoor skating rink. My son has only been out 4 times and is getting around the rink. Not whizzing, mind you, but the can go on his own without supervision. This is great, as my daughter is on bobskates and needs lots of help. :}
I donned my skates and took her for a ride. I haven't skated in 9 years! They were a little rusty, but I managed to wear them in a bit.

Hope you had a great Valentine's day. I'm going to put on a sweater (chilled to da bone I tell ya) and go play in my room.

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