Friday, September 19, 2008

who's a special helper??

I got an inspiration last night and went to my stamp room around 9:30. At my son's school, (actually, many schools I've taught at) they have a special helper for the day. I decided to make a male and female tag for the kids to wear.
It is totally NOT what I had in mind. And I DON'T like the girl one. At all! I need to get some round coasters from the dollar store this weekend to make some new ones. I think I'll make seasonal ones also.

bit of chipboard, few accessories and there you go. I used a new glue stick that I got at Stamping Bella last week. It is for adhering heavier things to projects. Whilst there, Emily was working on a page and glued some metal apples and shovels to her project.; At the end of the night, she was able to turn it over and wave it around. It didn't fall off. And so cheap. About $2.50! Of course, I scooped the last one. I've been using Crystal effects to adhere things for fear of it falling off. So now I'm trying this new one out. I glued the 2 pieces of chipboard together with it also.

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