Thursday, September 18, 2008

Georgina Glamourpuss

This is a card we did at the Bella Party last week. It is Georgina Glamourpuss. Say it again, I know you wanna.:}

It was my 1st attempt with Copics. Yeah, I need to play a lot more with them. But not much time, as Nicky had a full night for us. I did get to play with the colour pencils and odorless mineral spirits again. I bought the stuff, just haven't used them a lot yet. the OMS make me giddy. believe it or not.
See the sparkle? I used glitter! Not happily, but I did, on several cards. It even got on my face ! Shock. lol

Too much light in my eyes today. this time of year, the angle of the sun blinds me. Especially when it reflects off things in the house. PING. Unexpected bright lights don't do so well with me. Gotta go mend.

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