Tuesday, September 16, 2008

moose in the trees

This card uses a technique with a brayer that was inspired by Andrea Walford's tutorial here

The ink faded quite a bit after it dried. I'm not sure if I used glossy cardstock or glossy photo paper. Instead of more mustard, I used so saffron. The mustard was too dark for me, although, it is vibrant on Andrea's blog. Must be the paper.

I'll be trying this again with winter colours. Why the moose? It is for a friend of my dad's who used to go moose hunting with him.

Can you hear me sniffling? We all have nasty nose colds right now. Well, the kids are mostly better, I'm dripping like a leaky faucet. Now my nose is all red from the poor quality tissues we have. Word of advice: Always have a box of tissue with lotion for those recurring nose wiping sessions.

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