Thursday, September 11, 2008

a few bellas....

(that's how my daughter says hello, hilo, with a little flip of the tongue for L sound)

I haven't been in my room lately. I was excited last weekend when I scored the perfect table for my stamping room. I've been working on a "temporary" table for 2 years. it's just plywood on legs I bought at Ikea. It wobbles so much I always yell at the kids.. "don't touch my table!" lol SO when I saw this old table, with extendsions on the ends for 10 bucks, I scooped it up.
Well, the 2 guys there, put it in my van. I couldn't get it out when I got home. Too heavy.

DH came home and helped me get it in the door. Sad story but true... we couldn't get it up to the 2nd floor. The tabletop was too big. It would never get to the 3rd floor as the stair case is narrower. The legs were nailed in, couldn't take them off. I accepted that it was not meant to be. Sold it to a neighbour. My hubby helped bring it across the street. And then proceeded to help her husband unscrew the table top!!!!! Can you believe it? It could have been mine!! SO, anyhow, the point of this story (I think) is that I cleared of my old desk to make way for the new and don't want to put it back until I have something better.

So, in honour of my time at da Stamping Bella tomorrow night for a private stamping class wit da girls, here are a few bellas I did when I 1st started stamping.

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