Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine love

ok, it's between a brother and a sister. Love is the theme today.
These kids are having so much fun lately. It's so nice to see them interact with each other. And for my daughter to initate a lot of the play. They do have a great laugh.

I got the idea for weaving from my friend, Sarah's blog at www.
The designer paper is from a huge slab one of my customers gave me. I don't know who it's by, but I do know that I had previously bought some of the paper by the sheet from the LSS.
The white heart and love sentiment are chipboard with seafoam EP. This fridge magnet is for daddy's filing cabinet at owrk. Apparently, his office at his previous job only had 1 card made by my son and a mug with their pic on it from when my son was less than 3 months old. So this time, his office wil have many pics of the family.

We are smothered in snow here. I haven't seen so much in the city since the big storm of 99. Good thing we have a part of the driveway to pile it in. But I'm parked on the street and a little snowed in. Haven't even been able to gear up to go to the grocery store. That's bad. DH stops by now and then, so we're not too bad.

alrighty then, look who's been Chatty Cathy. lol
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