Friday, February 1, 2008

photo cube

I wanted to make something for my DH's new office at his new job. So this photo cube fit the bill. Actually, it will probably be a pen holder.
I used cork backed coasters from the dollar store. The lovely cropadile did a fantastic job of punching through those babies.
One of the papers is from Scenic Route, the other from a pad I bought at the LSS.
I printed the photos around 2.5 as the coasters were just over 3.5. I also made the photos sepia toned to create a sense of cohesiveness, conformity. I can't think of the correct word right now.
I looked through my shoe box of rub ons and stickers and was tickled to find just the right sayings. See, there is a reason for buying those things to sit around. Imagine having to go to the store at 11 pm to find something that would work! You must have them on hand, at home. Waiting for you. lol

Instead of using the favoured ribbon that is done, I wanted to make it a little more manly (?) so I used twine to make a blanket stitch down the sides. I still have to figure out how to finish it off inside. Do you put a bottom on these things? Or just insert a can?

Anyhow, it was fun and easy to make. I think I'll make a few more.

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Marina said...

Love it, great job Amanda!

Anabela said...

Okay I changed my name, hopefully it works!!!! Its me!!!

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Anonymous said...

this is really great! Must make it to one of your classes!

Anonymous said...

WOW! This is great!