Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yo Yo Trees

This past weekend, My church had it's annual Craft and Bake Sale Bazaar. Now you must understand, the ladies of the craft guild meet once a week for most of the year, making and baking stuff for this grand, most anticipated event. it's where I got the Snow White Doll in the previous post.
And of course, what's a Christmas sale without Christmas tree ornaments? This one made me chuckle. I love it!

A tree made from various colours and sizes of yo yos. Brilliant. They made the yo yos, cut a wine cork in half, put a pipe cleaner into it and threaded the yo yos on to it. Then they glued a wooden star to the top. Easy peasy. And effective.


1 comment:

hands follow heart said...

Simply adorable! I'll most definetely give it a try if I find the time!!!