Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snow White Doll

I Just HAVE to tell you about this great doll I got today at the Church Bazaar. you'll believe that I saw it across the table and practically leapt over everyone beside me to get a better look. You'll not believe that the price tag said $3! only $3.
Here is Snow White with her 7 Dwarves.

Isn't she great!!!
And here are her 7 friends

Aren't they great? but wait, there's more...

See that on the back? You can put them on your fingers!

Isn't it just awesome? There's more than your 3 bucks worth right there ladies.. But wait, there's more....
When you turn her upside down, you get the stepmother!

Get outta Town! How Cool is THAT? But wait... there's more! Yes, more!!
On the other side of the stepmother is...
Wait for it...

The huntsman who was sent out by the Stepmother to kill Snow White!

I tell ya, this doll is amazing! And it's hand made! I kid you not.. At first I thought it was factory made, but the more I examined it, the more hand stitching I could see. All the dwarves are hand stitched together. They eyes, the machine zig zag around the faces and clothes. I tell you, This doll is of the highest quality sewing and it must have taken ages! I'm just so glad that we now own her and that she is truly appreciated!
When you wanna have a party, just add 7 little dwarves.

Can you tell she likes it?


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Sasha said...

Oh wow!!!! $3!!!!! That's amazing, she's so beautiful. I'm sure she'll be a family favorite.