Friday, October 3, 2008

a card for James

Here is the card that accompanied the photo album I recently made.
The clothesline is a retired wheel from Stampin' Up! Sure wish I was aware of it before it retired. i love it. Had fun colouring with my Koh-i-nor pencils and mineral spirits.

I'm finally getting the thing about buttons. Yummy. Just started a little collection. Afraid to buy without knowing what I want them for. Don't need too many extra things around. lol
And here is the "J" I didn't think it thru before I started gluing, so I was limited. But it's ok. It matches the card papers.

I went to Deserres today. (I'm taking a watercolour class with my uncle. We took one 5 years ago when I was preggers with the first one) It's an art store, but also carries scrapbooking stuff. Wow, they have some yummy things. I bought felt flowers that are beaded. Less than 3 bucks! So I spent the night trying to sew a little bag to put them on. Ugh. Maybe I'll let my daughter play with it. Maybe I'll show it to you. Oh, and some very puffy, shiny button like thingies. There are also some square shapes with pictures. Ok, that wasn't very clear. i'll definitely take a pic of those. And it matches kiwi kiss and Tangerine tango. yippee.

Off to bed with me.

thanks for looking,


Dina Anker said...

I love that wheel
Wished I ordered it back then
I think it'll be an "in demand" on!

Sarah Pendergrast said...

This is a great card Amanda - a very cohesive design!