Thursday, September 20, 2007

Clippies anyone?

these were fun to make and I'll be making many, many more to send down to my sister in Nova Scotia.

Stamps are from Su "Batty for You" set stamped in various colours. Adhered to a large paper clip (not those jumbo ones, but bigger than normal) from the dollar store with runner tape. It seems to hold ok. THe front panel is adhered with a pop up dot.

These glassine bags are from Papertrey Ink. You have to be careful when you stamp on them, as it is very slippery. The thin word stamps are a little easier. I'm still experimenting with some of the word stamps from the Paper Trey spooky sweets set.
I used the double rectangle punch to slip the paper clip in. I'm finding more and more uses for this punch.

Note that the pics on the paper clips are sideways so that they are right side up when horizontal. Tied a little ribbon on the smaller loop of the paper clip.

Note: Yes, I know the candy is red and green aka: Christmas colours, but that's all I had in the cupboard. I've been to the grocery store 3 times in the last 2 days. Think I would remember an important thing like Halloween candy. It's practically in every aisle! Can I still claim baby brain a year after giving birth?? lol

Thanks for looking,

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Viola Scola said...

Amanda these are fabulous.
Happy Halloween in Nova Scotia.