Monday, September 24, 2007

Autumn bellas

I decided that I was going to dedicate tonight to getting a lot of cards done to send to my sister. I had a great start, have some great cards (which you will see later) and was on a great roll. Then I came downstairs to say goodnight to hubby (he's on midnight shift) showed him my cards, did a little blog reading and here I am! Hopefully I can make some more when I go upstairs. I'd rather pass out to tell the truth.

k, here goes...
All inks more mustard, really rust and pumpkin orange, basic grey- done with blender pens. Paper is creepy crawly.

here is Emmybella. love that retail therapy sentiment. I'm going to buy a sentiment for every bella I have. they are just so cool:} Circles on the background are from petals and polkadots.

And here is Cosmobella. how fun would it be to BE her at a party? Heck, I'd just settle for an invite to the party.. you know, someone thinks I'm THAT with it:} hangin' with the IN crowd lol

After answering a few emails between the beginning and end of this post, I'm gonna go to bed.

Thanks for looking!
yeah! I made it past 1000 posts.:} Thanks

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