Sunday, September 16, 2007

bad and good

Here is an example how being out of your comfort zone can lead to not so good lookin' things. AND a lesson in ,"just because you gather many favorite things together, it does not mean it will be purdy." lol

This first layout uses a paper that struck my fancy and the "SO Very" set form Stampin' Up. Ooo, me thinks, this should go well with the great picture my friend Alex took of his wife, Erika and daughter Saige.

I printed the photo to large for my comfort zone. Couldn't get enough on my page to fill it up. I also didn't want to cover the paper too much. Thought the ribbon carried the purple and flower theme and wanted to use the ribbon buckle also. Put them all together, and NOPE, shouldn't have gone there!

SO... I tore it apart and started over.. with a smaller picture. I LOVE this stamp I got at my LSS. I've used it so many times for various relationships between people. I originally bought it for my husband's birthday card. I embossed it with clear EP and got the colour from a chaulk ink. (As you can guess, I'm not upstairs with my supplies, again. SO general talk of stuff)
Chatterbox paper, Cherish stamp and ribbon from SU. flowers from "itty bitty flowers"

My friend got the little symbolism of the growing flower... ah.
Let's take a look.....

So here's a lesson in... if ya don't like it, dump it. And start over.
(there, I did it, I showed you my bad side)

Thanks for looking:}


Debby Winters said...

Actually your "bad side" is not all that bad - For some people it would have been their good side!
But...yeah...I would have done the same as you and started over and what an absolutely beautiful page you turned out the second time. I just love it...especially the words in the boxes...what a great thought!

chelemom said...

I definitely love the second layout! It fills up the space better, and I like the colors a lot! I love the picture sweet!

Raylene said...

Your to hard on yourself. That was a great layout the first time around. But like everyone else I also like the second one more. It flows more