Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello everyone...
Well it's been a long 6-7 weeks, but I'm almost done! Just a few more days in a few more rooms and we can breathe a sigh of relief. This de-cluttering is big work. Here is a snap of my craft room. Void of personality. And colour. Just opportunities to form what I want.

 Yes, there is water on the third floor. How great is that?!!
 And here is the foyer outside the room. I love it! I always wanted a little sitting room up there. I carried my tea up there today while the kids played happily downstairs.  A little oasis.
Next week, I'm looking forward to getting my feet some attention and then an afternoon of sewing!!!! Oh Janice, (Janome) I've missed you so!

So stay tuned for some sewing. I need to make something special for a baby shower. And I have just the thing in mind. I may even have to go to a fabric store. It's been a while for that too.

Have a good one!

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