Tuesday, December 6, 2011

bunch o monkeys

I made these cute little guys for the kids in my preschool music class. I love the arms and how they swing all over the place. The arms of the monkeys and the kids. It was a fun bunch. The magical age of 2, when they are coming into their own and getting a vocabulary. O how they grow from the beginning to the end of the 12 week session.

Remember the lion I gave out a few sessions ago?

Easy hand stitching and a bit of machine sewing.

What else have I been doing? Making a few more Maisies from the book More Softies Only a Mother Could Love.

And bit of singing. These costumes are exclusive to this particular mall. The large, huge, ginormous mall that doesn't look like a mall until you're halfway through it. Fun to sing though.

oh, and getting ready for a few shows this coming week. It's closer than I thought. boo.

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hands follow heart said...

The monkeys are so cute. I bet the children will love them! Good singing season to you!

charlotte said...

those monkeys turned out great!
Love the swinging arms.