Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teapot Bunting

This was whipped up for a little party decoration. It was a tea party, hence, the teapot.

I searched for a teapot on Google image and pasted it into InDesign. There may be other ways to enlarge it, but this was the easiest I could think of. Can't waste precious time trying to figure such things out when there is sewing to be done! The original teapot was more wide than tall, so I rotated it to be on the paper sideways and stretched it out. Just right for a triangle bunting.

Instead of cutting the triangles with my straight edged rotary cutter, I used a scalloped edge blade. Softens it up a bit.

The doilies came from Ikea. I knew I would find a use for them.

It was a warm, sunny day. 25 degrees Celsius. A gift really. It was enjoyed.



softearthart said...

Real cool, cheers Marie

Hinterland Mama said...

Now I see the bunting! Yes my doilies would look great this way. Thanks for the idea.
Thanks for visiting over my way.
Aleta ღ