Friday, October 21, 2011

Ogee ornament in many styles

Hello folks!
It's been a while. I've been in a little creative funk. Well, i've been trying some things, but not so successful yet. I think instead of a funk, it's a process of trying and experimenting. So, not much to show.
Anyhow, a few weeks ago, I made these ogee ornaments from felt and heat embossed overhead projector paper. (what's that called again?)

I first got the idea from Betz White a few years ago. Check out her post. It is a most excellent tutorial.

But it was before I delved into the world of good felt. Here's my original post here

This time, I also used Stampin' Up! stamps and heat embossed on the transparency. (there, I remembered). Here's the music one.

And here is the french script one.

I originally wanted to used eyelets to join them together, but I couldn't fit my crop-a-dile in the littlest spot, so I used brads instead.

I experimented with the stitching on the felt ones to make it decorative.

A few french knots. Love french knots.

These beads came from my uncle's stash. He used to make very ornate jester stockings for Christmas with silks and velvet and these beads on the tips. Gorgeous. I claimed the beads from his stash. Looking forward to using these up.

And here they are, swaying in the breeze.

thanks for looking!



Hi!!! Woooo good idea and good work!!!

Linda said...

This is so beautiful!

April's Homemaking said...

This is a beautiful craft, I love the way they turned out, I have quite a nice stash of wool felt I will have to make some of these for my tree. :)