Tuesday, March 18, 2008

lame post

I'm so lame in posting! I have been making stuff, but just haven't coordinated getting the stuff, camera and computer all int he same room at the same time. not even 2 out of 3.
Anyhow, I did find this easter basket in my iPhoto that I haven't shared.
I learned to do it at my upline's workshop.
6x6 double sided paper (if you wish). Score at 2 and 4 inches on both sides. Then cut up to the first score line on one side at 2 and 4 and then the opposite of the paper at 2 and 4. You get a square in the middle that isn't cut and 2 sides that aren't cut. clear as mud? I used the corner rounder to make the corners, then brought the sides together. made a coordinating handle and attached with brads. The Bunny tag is from a retired set, Tags so Much. DP is Bali Breeze.

When I downloading the camera, hoping there was some sort of card picture in there, I found this of my daughter Neve. I just had to be the gushing, proud mother and show ya! She's wearing Rafael's Thomas halloween costume. I think she'll be a dress up kinda girl. She went around in butterfly wings for an hour and got glitter all over the place. (if you know me, you know, glittah is my least favorite thing!)
Growing kids is a good thing!

I'm almost finished my baby presents for my cousin, so I'll show you pics of that. Gosh, I hope the kid isn't a fast grower, or nothing will fit.

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