Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a bit of looming...

You're still coming back? thanks. Sorry it's only once a week and not much crafting going on. I'm still de-cluttering. Here a good tip: If you bring a box of donation to Goodwill, don't go in the store and bring more stuff home!!

But how could I pass up this baby!?

 A fashion weaving loom at that.
 Love the comb. I also made a shuttle you can see in the 1st picture. It came with a long plastic needle, but how do you have a ton of yarn behind that every time you pass it through without getting it all tangled? Neve is loving it. She may only do 2 lines at a time, but she goes to it a few times a day.
 Here's a question for you gardeners...
What are the spiderwebby things on these plants? Is it indeed some kind of web or egg covering thing? Sorry, my gardening language is not very elaborate. Your knowledge is most appreciated.
That's it for now.
Thanks for looking,


LT said...

I think they're actually supposed to do that. If I'm guessing right those are little succulents right? Check out sempervivens, specifically the arachnoideum types.

Jennie G. said...

Yes, "hens and chicks" are supposed to look like that!