Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Ornaments-Das style

I had this great idea in my head to make white clay ornaments. I went on a hunt for white clay. Bought some, it was grey. it dried grey. I tried white sculpty, it's too soft and unforgiving of little prints and mistakes. So i sought out Das. Remember Das modelling clay? Bet you forgot about the smell!! Not so bad, it just brought me back to my childhood. SO, I bought white, opened it up, it was grey. I closed it up and sulked. Then I decided to take a little piece and let it dry. it dried white! Yippeeeeeee!!

After borrowing my friend's stash of cookie cutters, (thank goodness, I have no idea where mine are) I went to work with the addition of some stamping supplies.

I'm in love. And I've hardly made a dent to what's in my head and the endless possibilities and combinations of my tools.

Like, I'm going to add some rhinestones to the edges of the snow.

And I want to add glitter to some and use a glassy glaze on top of the glitter.

Just wondering though, should I put a glossy varnish on it? So it will catch the tree lights?

Have a good one!


Anya said...

These are great! Thank you for the idea, will definitely make some with kiddos!

charlotte said...

Very very lovely!
Just how you had imagined.
Good on you!

Once a small seed said...

Beautiful! Yes, add the gloss.

anna said...

These are so pretty! I wonder how you put the designs on them? I love the leafy green ones especially. They would make lovely christmas gifts.

Kelly said...

Your ornaments are really effective!

Regina said...

These are really pretty. I love how they look all hung up like that. :)

hands follow heart said...

They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the simplicity of it. No glitter for me, pls! ;-)

Anonymous said...

They are lovely. And no gloss; the simplicity of them is so beautiful. And like Anna I wonder - how did you make the leafy patterns?

Anonymous said...

Hello! I don’t know if now I’m 2023 you’ll even see this but how did you color them? I’m be tried paint but it stains the white around it and looks bad. Thank you.